Tuesday, January 26

New Kid On The Block

Well after a long wait it's here. The Sashiko. It's out of the box and ready to play with. I got this machine on a special deal they had and got tons of free stuff with it. I'm so happy it's finally here. So I guess you know what I'll be doing tonight. I've got several small fabric sections with batting ready to play with and try out the stitching.

This is some of the free goodies I got with the machine. A beautiful box of Madera thread, a good selection of stencils, a chalk stamper, ruler, marking pen/pencil, light box and the Plexiglas side table. Nice tote came with it too.

In my excitement I put the Pfaff on the floor which my husband commented on he thought he'd never see that. I often call the Pfaff the queen. She is just resting thou. I did notice that from this photo she needs to be cleaned.

I was getting ready to watch the DVD that came with the machine, but was sad to find out it's only formatted for a PC. Huge mistake on Baby Lock's part if you ask me. I watched the DVD about my Pfaff on the Mac with no problems.

Well I have lots to play with and the evening will fly by I'm sure. More latter.


maggi said...

Oh you are going to have fun with all that. Can't wait to see your samples. I too have a mac and can't believe that they only made the DVD for pc.

Barbara said...

I have to admit I hadn't heard of this machine, thought you were posting something about Japanese embroidery last time. LOL! Now I've googled and realize what you have. Have fun, will be watching for wonderful results!