Sunday, November 1

Back From Our Trip To Gatlinburg

On Tuesday Paula and I headed out for Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for 5 wonderful days of fun. Paula was there on business, and had to be in meetings for 2 and a half days. I went shopping while she was in her meetings and then after they were over we both hit the trail looking for good deals and of course quilt shops. From what I can see there are only 2 shops in the area. The one near Pigeon Forge which is in Sevierville, we'd both been to before and it's a really nice shop called The Cherry Pit. We found lots of very tempting fabrics and Paula got 2 patterns that are oh so cute. Can't wait to see them when she gets them completed. One was a beautiful Christmas Quilt which she is thinking she might do in blue's.

The other quilt shop we went to was on the Arts and Crafts Trail. This is an 8 mile loop just covered with small shops mostly run by the crafts persons to sell there arts & crafts. These small shops serve as their studio too. You can find pretty much anything alone this route. One of our first stops was at Apple Annie's, run by a husband & wife team it was wonderful little shop filled with home made potpourri, soaps and many hand sewn items. Paula got a beautiful pumpkin made from an old 30's quilt. The husband makes very nice frames and I got one complete with double matt. It will be perfect for a photo of my grand parents. There are 2 openings in the matt and the 2nd one will be for the invitation for their 60th wedding anniversary. The photo was of them cutting their cake. I can't wait to put it all together.

We continued on our way not knowing what we would find and just stumbled upon a quilt shop called Mountain Stitches. Susan the owner has a fantastic eye for combining fabrics and her bundles she's put together were eye candy. Must admit several have come home with me. We must have looked at every single item in her shop. I did get a new tool there that I will be using very soon. It's a CD by Bear Paw Productions called Triangulations. It's the no worry method for doing Half Square and Quarter Square blocks. It's a PDF file with printable (fits 8.5 x 11) patterns that you just sew over and then cut apart. Couldn't be any easier.

After all the shopping we were getting pretty hungry and had planned on having dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant. I was stunned with how big this place was. The portions we were served were huge too.

Old Mill Restaurant

Little Pigeon River

Fat Quarter Rack in the Mountain Stitches shop. Paula and I were thinking we need to try and make one of these. Just a wonderful idea and you would be able to see all your fabrics at one glance. Mine are now in bins and this would be so much better.

Well I have a good bit of fabric to put away. Of course I have to look at it all again before putting it away.

I also spent about 2 hours in the Scrap booking Super store in Pigeon Forge and got a lot of things for my mixed media. I also got a beautiful Jim Shore piece at the Christmas Shop there and already have it displayed in my secretary in the living room. It's beautiful. I just love his work.

Well much to do today. We're hooking up with my sister and her husband for his birthday at PF Changs to have dinner. Great food again tonight.

One sad note. I just got off the phone with Paula and she had put her 30's quilted pumpkin on a shelf and her dog got it and it's now it's in shreds. She was very sad. Bad dog! He was scolded and put outside.

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