Monday, October 26

A Fun Saturday With Crafty Friends

Saturday I was in a small craft show in near by Murfreesboro TN.
It's a fun little show and I met several new craftspeople.
I did want to take a moment to brag on my little sister.
She is a wonderfully talented photographer and this
was her booth at the show. She does beautiful portraits and
you can view her work here, and her blog.

I did finish the jean jacket and here is the front with the hand stitching and beading. I was pleased with the way it turned out. There was also decorative stitching on the back, but it was done with my Pfaff.

I have several other things I wanted to share but the sun just hasn't come out this morning so I didn't take any photos. I'll try to get those on here tomorrow, if the sun will shine in my little part of the world.


Barbara D. Crone said...
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Barbara D. Crone said...

Hi! I was just in Nashville. I wish I'd have known about you. I would have loved to have seen your work. I'll tell my son and daughter-in-law to keep an eye out for you.
Keep making the world more beautiful every day ;~)


Anonymous said...

love the stitching on your jacket