Sunday, September 27

Embellish, Paint & Quilt

Spent all day yesterday working on the 10" x 13" center of the sunflower. I had planned to make it from cotton and make 6 small sunflower quilt blocks and then cut the shape from that, but after thinking it over I changed my plans and went with a more textured center. This I felt would look more like the seed pockets in the center of the flower.
First I cut a good size section of duck cloth and drew the outline of the area I needed. Then I took some sheer poly fabric in browns/tans/off white and used the Embellisher to create this oval of textured fabric.

This variation of colors/tones is just what I wanted as the base. The next thing was to give it an overall coat of watered down acrylic paint to add warmth to the colors. Then waiting for it to dry, tap tap tap my foot, waiting...

Now the fun part, the quilting. These tiny circles took a good bit of time and about 4 bobbins of thread, but I was very happy with the look.

My mother had sunflowers in her back yard, and when the flower heads would become to heavy for the stem she would cut the flower off and just lay it on the brick wall around the driveway for the birds to have easy pickings of the seeds. She also would save the big center part of the sunflower and let it dry out and in the winter she would put peanut butter in the little seed holes and press in a little small seed and the birds had a good winter treat. She loved her bird friends. Now my sister has sunflowers in her garden and a photo she took of one of her plants was the inspiration for this quilt.

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Linda B said...

Royce, that is absolutely incredible! What is an embellisher? I love to design with texture, so this has really roped me in. You are amazing!!