Sunday, September 6

Addition To My Giveaway

2 More Items For Giveaway
More goodies for the giveaway. This top photo is a mantel decoration that can be used during the fall or into the Christmas Holidays if you are into Civil War prints. This is 24" long and each point hangs 7". I'd made 2 very cute extenders for this that have deer faces on them, but they have become lost in the shuffle. There are around here somewhere, I guess under a pile of fabric. I'll find them.

Also tossing in a few pre cut Christmas shapes
for you to use. Stars & candy canes.

Well I'm in a hand bag frame of mind these days and experimenting with several different patterns I've gotten free on line. There are so many free patterns out there! Some are quilted and I'm using some of my upholstery remnants for others.

Just leave a comment for the giveaway. Thanks


Linda Richards said...

Royce, I cannot believe that just by leaving a comment you are going to give all your hard work away. Count me in Girl - hugs to you from Canada

Linda B said...

Hooray for a giveaway. The goodies are great! Please count me in!

Christine DeNezzo said...

I can't believe this! Something for nothing? Humm! I'm in too Ms Generous, thank you!

Gwen's blog said...

love the patterns, Royce

Diana said...

I read "free" and did not even finish reading the details. I have so much fabric and stuff, I could do a free giveaway myself.

So, count me in! I will begin to stock pile stuff for my new (not up yet) blog opening.

I see a few familiar faces here. Hi everyone! Thanks for the opportunity Royce.