Sunday, August 30

Good Old Southern Fish Fry

Yesterday was the annual Fish Fry at my hubby's gun club.
There is always a big turn out and so much good food.

My sister and her hubby.

Getting ready to serve dinner. This whole serving area was full of food. Everything you could possibly want. The long foil lined thing was full of corn on the cob - with lots of butter.

There were activities for the little ones and
this mini shooting range was set up just for them.
They shoot little bb guns.

These hard working guys cooked fish, onion rings,
and home cut fries. They really had this big fryer going.

While the cooks were cooking and many hands were working on setting up the buffet, some got to relax and fish. That's my sister and her hubby on the far end, they didn't catch anything, but it was fun. The area is so beautiful this view is from the deck over looking the fish pond (not were our fish for eating came from) One person caught a turtle that was about a foot long, but of course let it go.

That's a lot of frying going on.

This big thing was full of corn, and it was oh so good.

We really had a good time and of course the talking always gets around to sewing. I took a new purse I'd made that morning to show to Paula and we talked over how to best edit the pattern. I really didn't like the way it went together. A real sweet lady came over to see what we were looking at and gave me a great idea of how to assemble it differently and we were all smiles. I'll try it today and it should make the process much easier/faster. Thanks! After the good dinner, oh and did I mention the tons of desserts - whew. They had a drawing for prizes. The kids drew the tickets out and read the numbers it was so funny cause they would get so excited. Every body had a good time. I just moaned on the way home cause I was so very full. Really shouldn't have had that cherry pie...couldn't help myself.

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