Sunday, August 9

A Fun Saturday With Friends

Yesterday morning we teamed up with some friends and had breakfast at one of our neighborhood meat & three's, The Nashville Biscuit. We then headed down to 5 Points to check out the Tomato Festival. I'm not sure how many years they have been having this festival but it's sure grown. Last year only one street was closed down and this year it was two. Lots of crafts booths and other vendors fill the street edges and float into parking lots. This area is filled with lots of restaurants, bars and wonderful little shops. We have several favorite shops we visit there and then hit the art gallery to view all the tomato art. This is one of the pieces I made this year. It's the photos I wandered around taking a few weeks ago and the drawing in the middle was done digitally. I was born and raised in East Nashville so it's dear to me.

Below is the Tomato Queen, we missed the parade,
but she was out looking at all the booths.

Not sure why this was in the closed off street,
but it was just to nice not to take a photo of.
Some one really put some love and dollars
into bringing this pretty girl back to life

And the whole area is very dog friendly as you can see
by one of the vendors putting out water.

Paula made very cute tomato visors for she and I that sure helped to keep the sun off our faces. She even traded one for a very nice vintage apron at one of the booths she was shopping at. I got a small hand made pottery pitcher for microwaving our maple syrup, for those yummy Sunday waffles. This is about the time when our men were getting tired of tromping around so we stopped in for the traditional Bloody Mary's or other such cool refreshment. The temp in the 90's kept us from seeing everything, but we did see our favorite places and visited a few shops in the area. All in all a very good day. The photos above were taken by Paula's hubby.

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