Saturday, July 25

A Sunny Saturday

Today was a beautiful day, with the weather being a bit warmer here. 
Hubby and I went out to run some errands and while being
driven around I was pondering the fabrics I'd use on the
Birthday Block Swap. I wanted to use different fabrics
and have picked out 3 groups.  

The first group is blues and greens
with a little dragon fly tossed in.

The second group is one of my favorites, Civil War Prints.

And last some cute pinks that I got while on vacation
in Gatlinburg at the Cherry Pit.

This last fabric is just something I picked up at Walmart
a few days ago when in there looking for oven mitts. It 
was just too cute to pass up. I always make little Christmas
theme gifts to give to family at Thanksgiving and this fabric
will make very cute pot holders I'm thinking. 
Yes, Angel I got this for you mostly.

This last photo is one of my entries for the Tomato Festival.
The tattooed tomato said it all. I Love East Nashville.
I do indeed. All the photos around the tomato were taken
a few days ago when I was out plundering in the neighborhood.
They are all the local watering holes, 
good eateries and other favorite places.  
I do love this neighborhood, it's such a quirky mix.

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