Tuesday, June 16

Sewing Withdrawal

It seems like the kitchen remodel has been going on longer than it has. It's really going pretty quick. The cabinets came in 5 days early and my great contractor started the installing the day after they came in. We're looking at the job being completed around the 26th. Not bad from other stories I've heard from people who have gone threw this before. I'll be glad when things do get back to normal and I can sew again and not be tripping over the huge Ikea bags in the living room filled with pots and pans. My little babies will be glad for it to be completed too. Well really only one of them is bothered by all the noise (nail gun) and stacks of stuff. My little Ginger is a bit skittish about sudden loud noise. She was sound asleep on Sunday and when the nail gun and compressor started up she ran and hid under my little desk. She must have been sleeping good cause she still has bed head. She was hiding behind a 5 gallon paint bucket later in the day. We cooed and petted her but it just didn't matter. Ginger was rescued from a puppy mill and has always been a little jumpy. She has really come out of her shell thou and we call her Darth Ginger some days. She thinks she is a hunting dog and hunts down the little garden snakes and runs after squirrels and birds. She is very brave about a lot of things, but not big sudden noise. Auggie on the other hand just lays under my chair and nothing seems to bother him a bit. 

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