Sunday, June 7

The Quilt Swap

Yesterday my quilt was mailed. This is very exciting. So Sunny's on his way to his new home. The exciting part thou is soon I will be getting my quilt. I have no idea who is making it or what it will be. I did just look at the flicker site that has been set up for the quilters to post photos of their quilts, and there are some great quilts there. It's so interesting how many different quilts come from the words Spring Blooms. They are all so varied in style and design. 

I also finished up my ATC for my first ATC swap. I am hosting that swap and can't wait to see all the cards. They should be getting here shortly. I am new to these tiny bits of art. After looking them up and seeing how varied they can be it was amazing to me. In that tiny 2.5 x 3.5 space so much feeling and emotion can shine threw. 

Well my sewing cabinet is closed for a little while, how sad. We are remodeling our kitchen and I do think that will take over my life for a few weeks. I've never redone a room before and it was an eye opener at how much work has to be done. I seldom leave the house without my trusty clipboard in hand.  I always carry my camera and it's really come in handy for this big project. I end up standing in the hardware store taking photos of tile and switch-plate covers. The employees must think I'm nuts. I had 15 paint samples at one time and my husband noted they all looked the same. Oh dear. I've got a huge roll of fabric stashed behind the sewing cabinet for the window treatments, boxes of knobs and my new sink just sitting around waiting for the day they are needed. This week the old cabinets will be ripped out, one section is original to our 1932 home. Today all the pots and pans and dishes left the kitchen. It looks like we are moving out. Clutter is every where. I am very impressed that we are both still so calm. Hopefully I'll be able to stay that way till the kitchen is back to normal. 

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maggi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your mini quilt is lovely. I hope that you get yours soon. I don't envy you having your kitchen remodelled, I had mine done two years ago and boy am I glad that is over although I loved the end result.