Monday, June 29

New Quilt, New Fabrics

Spring Mini Quilt Swap
My quilt arrived this weekend and I'm so very happy.
It is just beautiful. The backing fabric is beautiful too.
I really love small patchwork and these colors really shout spring.
It was made by Terri. Drop by her blog and see her other quilts.

As I've mentioned I'm finishing up the remodeling of my 
kitchen and this is the fabric for my new kitchen curtains,
which I just hung up a few minutes ago. I love them. 
Got this great fabric at the Fabric Junkie
one of my favorite shops.

Now I'm getting ready to start cutting this sweet 30's fabric
for my new laundry room curtain, which I hope to get
up this afternoon. Found this many months ago when
out fabric shopping with Paula at a cool place in Franklin.
It's the first 30's fabric I've bought. Paula is a big fan
of this type and after looking at so many with her
I love the soft colors and endearing patterns.

Several of these fabrics remind me of my dad's old pj's.
Something about this one really made me smile so I 
got 2 yards not having a clue what I'd do with it.
Now it will be perfect in the laundry room. I only have
one window in that room and this will work out great.

Well need to grab a bite for lunch and get back to sewing.
For several weeks the sewing machine was blocked off
with wood and cabinet parts and I"m so glad to have
it back now. I'd really missed sewing even if it was
just for a few weeks. I guess I know I'm hooked.
I did get some what caught up on my scrap booking thou.

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Linda B said...

Love the kitchen fabric. Looks so 70's retro, but with better colors.