Monday, June 29

New Quilt, New Fabrics

Spring Mini Quilt Swap
My quilt arrived this weekend and I'm so very happy.
It is just beautiful. The backing fabric is beautiful too.
I really love small patchwork and these colors really shout spring.
It was made by Terri. Drop by her blog and see her other quilts.

As I've mentioned I'm finishing up the remodeling of my 
kitchen and this is the fabric for my new kitchen curtains,
which I just hung up a few minutes ago. I love them. 
Got this great fabric at the Fabric Junkie
one of my favorite shops.

Now I'm getting ready to start cutting this sweet 30's fabric
for my new laundry room curtain, which I hope to get
up this afternoon. Found this many months ago when
out fabric shopping with Paula at a cool place in Franklin.
It's the first 30's fabric I've bought. Paula is a big fan
of this type and after looking at so many with her
I love the soft colors and endearing patterns.

Several of these fabrics remind me of my dad's old pj's.
Something about this one really made me smile so I 
got 2 yards not having a clue what I'd do with it.
Now it will be perfect in the laundry room. I only have
one window in that room and this will work out great.

Well need to grab a bite for lunch and get back to sewing.
For several weeks the sewing machine was blocked off
with wood and cabinet parts and I"m so glad to have
it back now. I'd really missed sewing even if it was
just for a few weeks. I guess I know I'm hooked.
I did get some what caught up on my scrap booking thou.

Sunday, June 21

Sunny's New Home

I looked today to see if Sunny had made it to his new home and sure enough he's there. He went to Cameron Missouri, to a talented lady named Natalie. She has a shop on Etsy (the link is on her blog). 

Friday, June 19

The ATC Swap

All the ATC's have been sorted and are packaged up. I'll make the post office trip in the morning and shoot them off to their new homes. I of course got to have instant joy and have mine now. I'm so happy with it and several others that were sent as "hostess gifts" for me hosting the swap. I have them all sitting on the shelf above my cutting table with my beloved Betsy Ross machine where I can see them every day. I do need something to hold them and my hopefully increasing collection in the future. I've been eyeing up the 7 Gypsies revolving holder which just so happens to be on sale now, about $5 cheeper, hummm, it's calling to me.

I've been taking this non sewing time to read some of the books I've recently purchased and I'm just loving them both. I have done some sections of cloth with my baby lock embellisher to use for some of my future inchies. I've also taken some time to experiment with the Shiva paintstiks which turned out very well. I'd picked up a set of metallics at the recent quilt show and not used them yet. They were a lot of fun.  

Tuesday, June 16

Sewing Withdrawal

It seems like the kitchen remodel has been going on longer than it has. It's really going pretty quick. The cabinets came in 5 days early and my great contractor started the installing the day after they came in. We're looking at the job being completed around the 26th. Not bad from other stories I've heard from people who have gone threw this before. I'll be glad when things do get back to normal and I can sew again and not be tripping over the huge Ikea bags in the living room filled with pots and pans. My little babies will be glad for it to be completed too. Well really only one of them is bothered by all the noise (nail gun) and stacks of stuff. My little Ginger is a bit skittish about sudden loud noise. She was sound asleep on Sunday and when the nail gun and compressor started up she ran and hid under my little desk. She must have been sleeping good cause she still has bed head. She was hiding behind a 5 gallon paint bucket later in the day. We cooed and petted her but it just didn't matter. Ginger was rescued from a puppy mill and has always been a little jumpy. She has really come out of her shell thou and we call her Darth Ginger some days. She thinks she is a hunting dog and hunts down the little garden snakes and runs after squirrels and birds. She is very brave about a lot of things, but not big sudden noise. Auggie on the other hand just lays under my chair and nothing seems to bother him a bit. 

Friday, June 12

My First ATC Swap

In today's mail came several surprises. Several months ago I joined a group on Quilt With Us for ACEO'S AND ATC'S. I'd never made anything smaller than an postcard at the time and the advise and giggles I got from the group were so much fun. So we decided to have our first swap. We talked about a theme and decided since this was our first swap we would do  - "Our Favorite". Our fav fabrics, colors etc. So here are the first cards I've gotten in the mail. After they are all to me they will be whisked of to their new homes. I was just thrilled when I went to the post office today and my box was filled with wondrous envelopes.  I couldn't wait to get home and check them out. So here are the first to arrive. I've put the artist's name and a link to their blogs/sites. Take a moment to check out their other great work. All these ladies make wall hangings and full size quilts, that are quite wonderful.

something I must try

And then there is me. This is my 4th ATC, but the first one I've put a back on. It's not as neat as I'd like, but things will get better.

These are just a few of the members of our group.  All of them are very talented.

Sunday, June 7

The Quilt Swap

Yesterday my quilt was mailed. This is very exciting. So Sunny's on his way to his new home. The exciting part thou is soon I will be getting my quilt. I have no idea who is making it or what it will be. I did just look at the flicker site that has been set up for the quilters to post photos of their quilts, and there are some great quilts there. It's so interesting how many different quilts come from the words Spring Blooms. They are all so varied in style and design. 

I also finished up my ATC for my first ATC swap. I am hosting that swap and can't wait to see all the cards. They should be getting here shortly. I am new to these tiny bits of art. After looking them up and seeing how varied they can be it was amazing to me. In that tiny 2.5 x 3.5 space so much feeling and emotion can shine threw. 

Well my sewing cabinet is closed for a little while, how sad. We are remodeling our kitchen and I do think that will take over my life for a few weeks. I've never redone a room before and it was an eye opener at how much work has to be done. I seldom leave the house without my trusty clipboard in hand.  I always carry my camera and it's really come in handy for this big project. I end up standing in the hardware store taking photos of tile and switch-plate covers. The employees must think I'm nuts. I had 15 paint samples at one time and my husband noted they all looked the same. Oh dear. I've got a huge roll of fabric stashed behind the sewing cabinet for the window treatments, boxes of knobs and my new sink just sitting around waiting for the day they are needed. This week the old cabinets will be ripped out, one section is original to our 1932 home. Today all the pots and pans and dishes left the kitchen. It looks like we are moving out. Clutter is every where. I am very impressed that we are both still so calm. Hopefully I'll be able to stay that way till the kitchen is back to normal. 

Wednesday, June 3

Sunny's Ready For A New Home

After working on "Sunny's" flower box for a good bit yesterday and doing all the finishing this morning, he is done. He has his "story" inside his back pocket and is ready for the trip to his new home.

As I'd mentioned I made his flowers big and cartoon like. This took several attempts to get them to look like I wanted. I ended up using interfacing to stiffen up the flowers  so I would have the somewhat 2D effect I wanted.

Now that Sunny is ready to box-up and go to the post office I need to get started on my next swap. All the talented ladies in the ACEO group on Quilt With Us are having an ATC swap. This is a new thing for me and I just love these tiny quilted treasures. I have my eye on several I'd like to buy very soon. I have plans on how to display these.  

I got an e-mail sales flyer from AQS today and it had a new book listed, about how to make inchie quilts. I'd only seen one other reference to these on a blog and was wanting to know about these really tiny quilts. Nadine Ruggles has published a book on these and I must have it. 
I'm just now getting a little used to working on the small size of the ATCs so it might be a while before I go wandering into the inchie world, but it looks very intriguing.