Tuesday, May 12

Quilt Swap

As you will see in my side bar I've joined a quilt swap, called Spring Blooms Mini-Quilt Swap. This will be my first swap and I'm really looking forward to it. I've just received the name of the person who will get my mini quilt when I'm done. It's kind of like Secret Santa. Today I drew up the design for this quilt and it's so cute. The name of the quilt is "Sun's Flowers". It's a fun quilt showing Mr. Sun watering his prize flowers in his window box. This quilt will be 14" x 16" and made mostly of cottons. There will be some fabric painting and tons of free motion quilting. 
Ever since I went to the AQS Show in Kentucky this year I've been thinking small. The mini's I saw up there were amazing and greatly influenced me. Soon after I joined an ATC group and have fallen in love with these tiny quilts. 
We are remodeling our kitchen so I only have time for small projects. Just thinking about taking every single thing out of my kitchen and laundry room is overwhelming and in our small house finding a place for it to rest till the remodel is over is a quest. But as long as I have a path to my sewing machine I'll be fine.

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