Friday, May 29

Quilt Swap - It's Coming Together

Off to a good start

This is Sunny from my little quilt called "Sun's Flowers".
Sunny is coming along pretty good. 
His window box still needs flowers 
and he still needs his face and arms completed.
The detail work that needs to be done 
with fabric markers will be done last. 

I had a little set back this week when I messed up 
my hip just bending over to measure a rug last Sunday.
Getting better and should be able to sew by next week.
It's given me time to think about Sunny's flowers.
I've gone threw several ideas and made flowers with
free-motion on wash-a-way stabilizer, and then looked
at folded fabric flowers, but in the end I think they 
need to be big cartoon pieced flowers to fit into 
Sunny's world. So now I need to draw up some flowers
and get to cutting and sewing. I want these flowers to
be slightly 3-D and not flat on the wall hanging. So I'm 
going to try Timtex interfacing. I've gotten some good 
tips from the ladies in the ACEO group on Quilt With Us.
I'll let you know how it works. I've been looking for a good
stiff stabilizer and hope that this is it.

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Diana said...

Hi Royce, sorry to hear about your hip. My little injuries seems to be holding me back a "little" longer than it use to before.

Your Sunflower looks like a happy quilt and I am looking forward to seeing the completion.

I will be mailing my aceo exchange, from your aceo group, in the next day or two. I am deciding which one to send.

I, too, can't wait to see what everyone will finish in our little art. If anyone would like to see our photo album, please click on the link. There are some awesome little beauties there. Membership is open.

I hope that your hip is better.

Diana from Gwen's aceo group, on Connecting Threads site.