Wednesday, May 20

Making Pillows

Decorative Pillows

The cool texture in the center of the square pillow is prairie points.
These are done a little different from what I'd done in the past. 
They are all on one section of fabric not cut out separately.
So I didn't have to space them out and pin in place.

I've made several pillows before, but they were not for looks and pretty much just 2 sections of fabric sewed together over a pillow form. I don't use decorator style pillows around my house. All the ones on our couch are used to napping and the dogs lay on them so there is no need for fancy. I make them coordinate with the room and that's pretty much it. 

Recently I got a book of Rami Kim's, Folded Fabric Elegance and was really wanting to try some of the very cool techniques in her book. So now making a pretty pillow was tempting.  One thing I must mention is the techniques in Kim's book look complicated when finished, but are not that hard. Her directions are excellent and I had no problems. I'm not one for following patterns and just made up the pillow designs which are super simple. With the techniques in the centers simple is good. I know I've mentioned this book before and have used another of Kim's techniques in some of my ATC's. I love the dimension it gives fabric. Comes right up there with the Baby Lock Embellisher for wonderful texture. Now I want to combine the 2, wouldn't that be nice.

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Ross said...

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