Tuesday, May 5

My New Love of ATC

I've become quite fond of these little treasures. I knew
I was hooked today when I was making a new curtain for 
the living room and saved the fuzzy selvage for an ATC.
If you have a need for instant gratification then this is for you.
I pretty much am a non-planner and let my design flow as I go.

I got a book about fabric folding and used this one to test one
of the techniques. I'd used plain old white on white and
then used dye from the bottle and just dropped it on 
this card and let it spread. It was a surprise when I 
could still see the little flowers. Since I'm new to dyeing fabric
I'm not always sure what will happen, it's wonderful. 

This one also used folded (pleats) fabric and 
the black part in the middle is rolled.

I just love these tiny little quilts. 
I'm in between bigger quilts now
and wanted to make a few of these today 
to recover from the dull curtain sewing.

I'll be starting the quilting on a lap quilt I'd put together about 5 months ago. I just have to add a border on the backing then quilt away. That's the fun part for me the quilting.


Linda B said...

I, too, am way behind in reading my blogs. LOVE the little ATCs, though I don't know what that means, ATC. I have made a bunch of those with fibers and am trying to figure out what to do with them.
Oh, and you should bring your yorkies over to clean the back porch every now and again.

Diana said...

Royce, you have started out with the most wonderful Artist Trading Cards (ATC-trading only) or ACEO (Artist Card Edition Originals-To Sell). These little 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" cards are just beautiful!

I love the fabric folding, textures and colors. Wonderful!!