Friday, May 22

100 Year Old Southern Lady Finds A New Home

Today was a really fun day. My friend Paula went by our favorite sewing machine shop to get one of her featherweights worked on and while there saw a beautiful Singer treadle machine.
It is in excellent condition and she just fell in love. Her dear husband got this for her, for an early birthday present So today we drove out and picked it up. I'm not used to driving a pick up truck, or well any truck for that matter but I hopped up in it and off I went. I drove out and picked up Paula and her DH and we were off for late breakfast. You have to have nourishment for a task as exciting as this.  So we had a good brunch at the Blue Goose. Then off to pick up her new machine.

Paula is watching as her sweet new friend 
is being rolled out to the truck.

Paula named her new machine, Annabelle Greene,
after her grandmother.

Annabelle is very heavy. But isn't she pretty.

Here the owner is showing Paula and 
her hubby how to replace
the belt on the machine.

And here she is. Beautiful. 
Her stitches are so perfect. And she still 
has all the attachments.
Paula loves old machines and really uses them.
I have 2 old children's machines but they are 
just for looks in my sewing room.
I fear I'm in love with the computerized 
buttons and touch screen on my Pfaff.

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Linda B said...

That really is a beauty! I am fortunate enough to have my great grandmothers White machine. I don't have anywhere to set it up to try to run it, but am attempting to get my MIL's Domestique running. A girl can never have enough sewing machines or spinning wheels.