Tuesday, March 17

Cute Quilted Cat Toy

This is Bonnie. She is the new addition to my sister's home. 
We went out to meet Bonnie a few weeks ago and you just
can't go empty handed so I whipped her up a little toy.
Weeks later she is still playing with it and 
my sister hasn't even refilled it with cat nip

As you can see I didn't do anything fancy, but it is after all
going to be chewed on. So here is the simple little pattern for
Bonnie's Fish.

I did just a little quilting on the front as much for stability as looks. I cut the batting a bit smaller than the front fabric and quilted. The back has an opening for adding cat nip, so I cut back fabric into 2 parts and turned the edges. Then sewed all the parts together. Just think of it as a funny little pot holder. You know the ones that have the split in the back for your hand to stick in. There is no wrong way with this little toy. It's for your little friend, and they will only see joy in it. You might want to wash all the fabrics first to remove any sizing/dyes etc.  

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Angel said...

my little darling!