Friday, March 6

The best thing about finishing is

Well the tree wall-hanging is finally finished. This was my first quilting project made with the Civil War prints I'd been collecting. I first noticed these in the quilt shop sitting next to the register as I was getting fabric cut and asked about them. I just had to go back and check them out. So I picked up a few, and then got a little piece every time I saw one I liked. Before I knew it the little basket I'd labeled Civil War was full. So I figured I'd better do something with them. I've always steered away from plaids and checks up till now.  This was a fun little project with these new prints. This was also the first time I'd made the traditional log cabin block. I cheated and paper pieced it. I'm not a precise cutter. I tend to use my ruler as a "guide" in a loose sense at best, but I'm trying to get better. 

Quilting is seen as a very precise hobby by most and then there are the glorious art quilt designers who let the rotary cutter follow it's own inner path. I live someplace in the middle.

The best part of finishing a quilted project is
starting your next one.


Several years back I was looking at children's books and saw Olivia for the first time. She was just the cutest little thing. Soon I was buying her cards and journals and anything else I could find. That was before I started sewing. Then while at my fist AQS Quilt show I found a section of her fabric (the black background above) and I was hooked. I bought everything I could find. The one thing that I missed out on at my favorite quilt shop, Stitcher's Garden (Franklin, TN) was the center panel. They had sold them all. So after getting on line and looking around I found her. Oh joy. So now after spreading Olivia all over a big table at our weekly quilt group I have a layout done and I'm ready for the fun part, sewing. So all the fabric is cut and ready to go. I'll drag it all out to Paula's on Sunday and get started. Can't wait. Yes this quilt it for me, and I guess I'll share with my little friends Auggie and Ginger, maybe.

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