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Design Style Guide's Nashville Artists

Last year I joined a talented group of craftspeople at Design Style Guide. This group offers unique hand crafted items for your home. Anything you could possibly want to decorate your home can be found at there site.

Recently Design Style started groups for each state and  I've met some very  talented ladies in  my beautiful home state of Tennessee. We've been talking back and forth for a while and sharing information  about our crafts, our dreams and hopes for our artistic futures. I wanted to take a moment to share their work with you  and if you have a little time please go by and check out their on line shops.
First up is Lisa who makes beautiful furniture, from  rediscovered vintage pieces. Wouldn't this brighten any room of your home?  She also does custom upholstery to really accent her painted furniture. 

Sandy is a photographer who sells prints of her photos  and also makes beautiful gift cards. Her photos of every day items are far from every day.  She has a natural eye for light &…


Just finished this today.  I've been working on this wall hanging for several weeks and I'm very happy with the results.  I've been wanting to do something with Koi for a good while. 

The quilting of the Koi made me a little apprehensive, (of the fish scales),  but they turned out to be easier than I'd thought.  After I'd finished the quilting I added a little color with  Prismacolor pencils. They work very well on fabric.

The coins were purchased on Etsy and really added a nice touch.

The symbol was copied from a rubber stamp that stands for Tranquility. This was painted on the fabric and then I quilted an outline. Filled in the background with a little meandering.
After I finished this I rushed outside to take a photo. My photos always turn out better when taken outdoors. I often wonder what my neighbors think about me when I'm out snapping away at the flat unseen objects. I guess they are used to it by now, or they think I'm  taking photos of the front porch again. 

A Good Day Of Sewing

After cooking a big birthday breakfast for my sweet hubby and then cutting little Ginger's hair I was off to my sewing room. I'm working on a wall hanging with a fish on it and was free motioning the scales and fins and such. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy free motion. It's my favorite part of quilting. The weather is wonderful here in Nashville and I had my 2 big windows spilling sun onto my sewing area. I do all my free motion on my Phaff, thou I long for a bigger machine. I'd really like a George from APQS. It's kind of like a long arm but will fit into the smaller rooms in our old 1930's house. I'm saving away to get it and hope it will happen this year.

Cute Quilted Cat Toy

This is Bonnie. She is the new addition to my sister's home.  We went out to meet Bonnie a few weeks ago and you just can't go empty handed so I whipped her up a little toy. Weeks later she is still playing with it and  my sister hasn't even refilled it with cat nip
As you can see I didn't do anything fancy, but it is after all going to be chewed on. So here is the simple little pattern for Bonnie's Fish.

I did just a little quilting on the front as much for stability as looks. I cut the batting a bit smaller than the front fabric and quilted. The back has an opening for adding cat nip, so I cut back fabric into 2 parts and turned the edges. Then sewed all the parts together. Just think of it as a funny little pot holder. You know the ones that have the split in the back for your hand to stick in. There is no wrong way with this little toy. It's for your little friend, and they will only see joy in it. You might want to wash all the fabrics first to remove any sizing/d…

There is no such thing as too much fabric.

When you have "too much" fabric you just have to add more storage. My sweet hubby put up these shelves for me on Friday and I spent a little over 3 hours getting everything organized.  It's silly but I love organizing stuff. I got the cute little bins at Lowe's and they are somewhat flexible and hold a good bit of fabric. The cute little child's sewing machine on the top shelf  was a gift from Paula who collects machines of all types.
My father in law gave me the cute pink poka-dot boxes and they matched the brown bins perfectly. A bit more "girlie" that I  normally go, but I like it. I'm just thrilled to have no more stacks of fabric on the floor.

And to keep me from sewing into the "fix dinner" time zone I  finally finished the clock my sister gave me almost 2 years ago. It was a scrap booking kit and I just found this great paper a  few weeks ago when shopping with her at a shop in Murfreesboro. Perfect paper for the sewing room huh?
Well things are a …

So Much For Planning

Planned on starting my Olivia quilt this weekend, but got all caught up in a tote bag I'm making and worked on that instead. Since I don't have anything to share today I thought I'd introduce you to my "little girl" who is never in any of the photos I take for the blog. She's camera shy. This was her at Thanksgiving wondering where here turkey was.

The best thing about finishing is

Well the tree wall-hanging is finally finished. This was my first quilting project made with the Civil War prints I'd been collecting. I first noticed these in the quilt shop sitting next to the register as I was getting fabric cut and asked about them. I just had to go back and check them out. So I picked up a few, and then got a little piece every time I saw one I liked. Before I knew it the little basket I'd labeled Civil War was full. So I figured I'd better do something with them. I've always steered away from plaids and checks up till now.  This was a fun little project with these new prints. This was also the first time I'd made the traditional log cabin block. I cheated and paper pieced it. I'm not a precise cutter. I tend to use my ruler as a "guide" in a loose sense at best, but I'm trying to get better.
Quilting is seen as a very precise hobby by most and then there are the glorious art quilt designers who let the rotary cutter follow it…