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The New Year

The One Thing I just Hate To Do
Taking down my Christmas decorations is a very sad thing for me. I put them up early and turn my lights on every am by 5:00. I just hate to take them down. Many years ago I ready about a singer/songwriter who had a room in his home where he kept Christmas all year long. If only, I had room for that. But sadly I must put it away.

2 Recent Projects
This cup of coffee I sent to a friend for Christmas was my first quilted drawing. I used several different types of paints, dyes and markers on this. I hadn't planned on outlining the drawing in purple, but it just happened. One of those oh I think this will be cool moments. I do like the unexpected color. The quilting is very  simple and I used a coffee theme fabric for the backing/binding. The size is around 12 x 14. I forgot to measure it before it left home.

I made 2 sets of these round table place-mats for gifts this year. My sister requested some and after I made hers I just had to make another set. I also made poth…

Green Gift Wrap

At the 07 AQS show I made a wonderful discovery that I felt very stupid for not thinking of myself. Wrapping presents in fabric. It's done in many countries where waste is not as high as in the US. I never give a lot of thought to the paper I wrap in beyond the appearance. I've used printed and unprinted paper, brown craft paper and even the funnies from the Sunday paper. I've used many different types and it all works, but after they are opened you have a sea of sad unwanted paper. Purchased because you loved the color or print and now discarded without a single thought. 
Last Christmas several of my friends and I wrapped our presents to each other (we all quilt) in fabric. It's wonderful. You can start ohhhing and ahhhing before you unwrap. Then there is another little quilter's must have inside the beautiful fabric. 
It's such a great idea. It's a bit harder to wrap with, so don't try to make it act like paper. Your sewing friends will love this and if…

Love of Books

I love books to inspire me. Books filled with images of art done by talented craftspeople that make my jaw drop. I have a bookcase just for my art and crafts books. I look for them everywhere I go. Here are just a few of my favorites. 
Art Quilts, by Lark Books 400 Stunning Contemporary Designs, 512 pages This huge book is great when you need inspiration. This book features 10 years worth of the most innovative pieces  chosen for the Quilt National biennial exhibition -  the top showcase for modern quilt artists. Lark has a huge selection on there site for just about any craft you are interested in.
Designing With Fabric, by Autumn Leaves This is a great inspiration book for mixed media/wall hangings.  I stumbled upon this at a local fabric store. It has tons of great ideas for working with photos and has lots of embellishment ideas.
Christopher Nejman, Pillows ~ Designer Sewing Techniques I was in the shop where I got my Phaff (Performance 2058) one day and saw a display for a class by Christopher…

S is for Sewing

I had so much fun creating the Q is for Quilting(November post) that I wanted to make a series of these.
I'm calling it my Alpha series.  I've made 3 so far and they are really fun.  S is for Sewing was made with licensed  Project Runway fabric and the mini quilt was added to the canvas. This and our other Alpha Mixed Media can be seen at our Etsy Shop.
This sweet artwork for your favorite craft room or a gift for your crafty friends.