Wednesday, November 5

Q is for Quilt

Mixed Media
Quilting Meets Scrap booking

This 8 x 10 canvas is the 3rd mixed media of this type I've made. This on is fresh off the machine and is a birthday present for a quilting buddy. When I started this project I had about half of it in my mind but I normally like to design as I go. After the little quilt was completed and I'd picked out the Q I started looking for little bits to bring it all together and started going threw my scrap booking stuff and once again the 2 hobbies merged great. 

I painted the canvas with acrylic paint, then added the other colors with stamp pads. I just rubbed them right on the canvas and then added some distressing with a stencil brush. 
The end result is a cute little bit of art for a quilter.

I will be making these for our Etsy shop for 
both quilters and other hobbies in the near future.
They will run from $20 - $40.
If you would like a custom version just let me know.

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Angel said...

I Love this! And yes I want one... something with the colors of my kitchen, something about coffee/tea... oh yeah, you are already making it! YAY!