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Thankful For So Many Things

There are so many things I am thankful for  I just wanted to take a moment and share them with you. A wonderful husband to share my life with.  Two wonderful little "babies" (yorkies) who's total affection  warms my heart every min of the day.  A loving talented sister and her sweet as can be husband. My husbands family who has taken me into there hearts. Friends who love me for who and what I am. That make me laugh and give me a shoulder when I cry. A life filled with creative thought, and the freedom to use this creativity as I wish. 
A cozy home filled with love.  Fifteen year old plus autos that still run like new. Thanks Leon. These few things that cost little to nothing, make my life wonderful.  I have little to worry about and even less to get stressed over.  I take life one day at a time and live each moment for the complete happiness it is. 
Our world is filled with many problems.  Times now are harder than some of us have ever seen.  I am thankful to be able to fight against th…

Scrapbooking Stencils & Thread Painting

Quilters, check out the scrapbooking section of your craft shops.
    Working in a lot of different mediums I normally (when I have time) look over all the different sections in my local craft shops. You just never know when you will find that little something that will work just perfect with one of your projects.
    While we were in a scrapbook shop in Gatlinburg I picked up this stencil and thought, hey this will work great for a pattern for thread painting. I'd not done any thread painting and thought this might be a good easy starter project.
    I put the stencil on my fabric and pounced it, then took it to the machine and started sewing. It was a really fun project. I've not determined what I'll do with this yet, but it will come to me. So for now it's hanging on the wall so I'll think about it when I'm at my machine.
    I did the outline first then filled in the leaves in golden yellow and then went back over them in orange to give them a nice fall look. I …

Q is for Quilt

Mixed Media Quilting Meets Scrap booking
This 8 x 10 canvas is the 3rd mixed media of this type I've made. This on is fresh off the machine and is a birthday present for a quilting buddy. When I started this project I had about half of it in my mind but I normally like to design as I go. After the little quilt was completed and I'd picked out the Q I started looking for little bits to bring it all together and started going threw my scrap booking stuff and once again the 2 hobbies merged great. 
I painted the canvas with acrylic paint, then added the other colors with stamp pads. I just rubbed them right on the canvas and then added some distressing with a stencil brush.  The end result is a cute little bit of art for a quilter.
I will be making these for our Etsy shop for  both quilters and other hobbies in the near future. They will run from $20 - $40. If you would like a custom version just let me know.