Monday, September 29

The Last Min Rush

Getting Ready For Shows
 When you are working on building inventory for shows you seem, or at least I do get so involved in the creative process you sometimes don't remember all the little things that need to be done for each item to be completely finished. The business side of the art and craft world isn't the fun part for me, and I have a tendency to put it off till the last. With the fall season in full swing and so many craft shows it's time to get all the little stuff done. I was surprised at just how long it took to just get labels and price tags on everything. Then we have 2 new items this fall and had to work out the display for our booth.   You need all kinds of little graphic stuff and I have to make myself sit down at the computer and get that done. Below is our t-shirt design and our 2x3 ft. booth sign.

Then there is that hand sewing. I'm really bad about putting that off. Went out to visit Paula Saturday and took it all with me. So glad I got it all done! Whew.

And speaking of getting ready, it's crazy at how fast Christmas is coming up. I must admit I put the counting tree on this blog to keep myself on top of things. I have several good size projects not even started yet that need to be done by Christmas.  Should have a non traditional wall hanging finished in a few days. It's my first piece with woven fabric. I'm excited about getting it finished.

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