Sunday, July 13

For The Love Of Beading

I've dabbled with making jewerly for years and make a lot of stuff for myself and a few years ago I even sold some. This has become a background hobby for me now, but I still have a lot of beads...humm. So at some point I started putting beading into my mix media and it all started with this jean jacket. I wanted to snaz it up and also needed something to keep my hands busy while watching TV. I'll snack on the ever present chocolate if I don't watch it. (otherwise known as energy pills). So, I'm looking at this jacket and thinking I'll put some of this cool fabric I have on it, but that just didn't give it what it needed, untill I started adding the beads. It's looks so time consuming, but really it's not too bad. It's very relaxing too. So now I can use my beads and this also gives me the excuse to buy more!

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