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Handmade Home Decor

In today's world of mass production it's not as easy to find the one of a kind items. I like the items in my home to reflect my personality. One of a kind decorations are not on department store shelves, but they are out there. A great place to find one of a kind decor is is a wonderful group of artists and craftspeople who's beautiful work will inspire you to add to your collections. Check out this video for a small sample of the great work. Handmade with passion for our craft.
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Elvis Sited In East Nashville

Most of the time I'm not this silly, but every once in a while you just have to cut loose. This wall hanging was designed for the East Nashville Tomato Festival Art Show. The art was to be tomato themed (or other veggies). I wanted to have a personality related to TN and Elvis was one of the first to come to mind. With the Bloody Mary contest at the Tomato Festival this seemed a natural. Tomato Elvis plays his celery guitar in this blend of humor that was hand and machine stitched. Non-traditional quilting materials were used to give "Elvis" a 70's flair. This was a lot of fun to make and made me smile the whole time.

East Nashville Tomato Art Fest

Well it's that time again, wooo wooo tomato festival! It's Aug. 9th. Located in Historic East Nashville's Five Points area, which has been coined by Budget Travel Magazine as "Nashville's version of New York's East Village. It's FREE. Check out the site.
There is also the Tomato Art in  The Art & Invention Gallery @ 1106 Woodland St.
This Mixed Media Tomato Art is one or our entries for the art show. The pepper was drawn in Painter with a wacom tablet and printed on fabric then quilted. The painted canvas background was then embellished with paper and the mini quilt. There will be lots of local artists in the gallery. Come by and check it out.

For The Love Of Beading

I've dabbled with making jewerly for years and make a lot of stuff for myself and a few years ago I even sold some. This has become a background hobby for me now, but I still have a lot of beads...humm. So at some point I started putting beading into my mix media and it all started with this jean jacket. I wanted to snaz it up and also needed something to keep my hands busy while watching TV. I'll snack on the ever present chocolate if I don't watch it. (otherwise known as energy pills). So, I'm looking at this jacket and thinking I'll put some of this cool fabric I have on it, but that just didn't give it what it needed, untill I started adding the beads. It's looks so time consuming, but really it's not too bad. It's very relaxing too. So now I can use my beads and this also gives me the excuse to buy more!

Quilting Books

One thing any crafter can never have enough of is how to books. I love them second only to fabric. I've been very interested in Stained Glass Quilts for some time and found a great book today while out getting fabric at Hancocks. Stained Glass Quilts by Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert is just great. It comes with very easy instructions and patterns. Oh it's foundation paper pieced, by the way. Some of the blocks are traditional quilt block such as the log cabin and rail fence, but with their technique they are real show stoppers. I'll be scanning my first pattern and try it out hopefully tomorrow. I'll post a photo of the block after I get it finished. 

Frozen River - Mixed Media

Not much art done during the 4th weekend. Hubby was off and we tended to just relax, grill and zone. I did do some sketching while sitting on the deck.  I finally completed this one project that had been going on for several weeks and wanted to share. 
This is #2 in a series of mixed media, mini quilts. "Frozen River" is made with silks and satin which were dyed and then painted with fabric paints. Quilting and beading were next, I sometimes have a hard time stopping the beading part. 
Frame Size: 13 3/16 x 11.25 Art Quilt Size: 9.5 x 7.5

When I started quilting I only looked at cottons, but now the whole fabric store is my pallet. I enjoy mixing the unexpected fabrics together and often get a surprise result. Isn't life wonderful.
These small art quilts range in price from $25 - $75.  Custom colors and designs are just a request away. They can include your photography.