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My Little Studio

Since I mentioned cleaning up in my studio I though, well it's kind of orderly (that's always short lived) so I'll take a few photos and share my favorite little room with you. I have so many things crammed in there but somehow I do know where most everything is. I did have my sewing in one room and my paper/paint in another. I kept telling my husband I know I can get it all in one room (I think) He didn't see it happening. I had this huge desk, one of those L shaped things I'd gotten just for the computer and to draw at and it took up half a room. It was a good workspace, but was just sooooo big. I had it for about 8 years and then it started to feel too big. I was running out of places to put the flock of  plastic roller carts with drawers that were seeming to overrun the room. When crafting you end up with so many little things and since one of my things is scrap booking the paper and stamps alone quickly got out of hand. My friend SW and I comment often on storage problems and what we are doing to fix the over flow of tools and materials. I'm sure this is a problem with lots of crafters.

When my sweet little mother passed away I brought her living room couch home with me and wanted to make a little sitting room upstairs with all her things. So I thought I'll make curtains to have in the room and when I went to Joann's to buy the fabric I some how left with a sewing machine. That was several years back. I ended up putting the sewing table in the room with mother's furniture. She was a wonderful seamstress and could make most anything she set her mind to so it seemed to fit in there with her things. I even named my machine after her.  

As time passed that machine was replaced with a better machine and of course fabric came in and piled up like dust bunnies under my bed. Very soon my sweet little sitting room was a constant mess and mother's couch ended up with fabric all over it. I wasn't happy about this, but just couldn't figure out how to fix the problem. I knew I had 2 rooms and could get all the craft stuff in one and have "Mother's sitting room" in the other, but it just wasn't that simple.

First I had to deal with the huge desk. It wouldn't fit in the room I wanted to make into my studio so I thought maybe I can just use part of it, well that didn't work either. So I asked one of my quilting buddies do you need a big desk? (Her husband's a graphic designer) Yes she said, so several weeks later it's loaded up on the truck and off it goes. This is when the fun really started. (not) just clearing off the big desk was a nightmare. The day before the desk move I moved everything off the desk and it covered the bed, bedroom floor, mother's couch, and even the upstairs bathroom floor. After breaking it down this way I began to fear it would never fit into the other room. We drug the couch, mother's tables and rocker into the center room and put up the new table I'd gotten for the painting/scrap booking area into the studio. Then I put up shelves over this table and started cramming all my scrap booking stuff onto them. I did get rid of several of the roller charts, which I was so glad about. So that corner of the room was somewhat under control. Then I put my cutting table in another corner and was able to keep it open all the time which was wonderful. Corner #3 was for the fabric. I had a book shelf which held fabric and all my craft/art books. I knew if I got all the books out of there the fabric would fit. Well it did. But then I needed another bookshelf for the books. The new bookshelf went into Mother's room between 2 small windows, perfect! It took about 3 weeks to get the dust to settle and for every thing to find a place. Then I went to a class and came home with the Embellisher, so where do I put this? Went out and bought another table and with some minor adjustments it all fit. There is even room to walk around in there now, amazing. I learned a lot about putting up shelves, moving and removing stuff and what you want to keep and what you really need to just let go of. Somethings just had to go. The two rooms aren't that big. This house is late 20's and they didn't make rooms that large, but when you are determined you will find a way.  


Angel said…
you look so organized!
Victoria said…
Well done!
I am afraid to show pictures of my studio!

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