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Mix Media With Quilting

This is my first mixed media with quilting tossed into the mix. This painted canvas with handmade paper works as a great background for the quilted Samurai. His face and other accents were done with fabric markers. The dragon (his inner self) is printed on fabric with my inkjet. I distressed the edges of the fabric around the Samurai with my Baby LockEmbellisher. This machine is a wonder and if you haven't seen one check them out on line.

Yes, you are creative!

Sometimes we get in a creative rut and can't think of new things to do or find ourselves thinking we just can't do something we have in mind. Don't go there. My first rule of creativity, and I might add my only rule is, "yes I can". I often find that working in one medium for a while curbs my thought pattern for creative ideas. That's my reason for having several interests. One feeds the next. Been sewing for days, then swap off and do some paper crafts. It always amazes me how switching projects can kick start your thinking. Look to everything in your day as inspiration. Take time to notice the color of the trees as you drive to work, or the texture of the fabric of your shirt. The smallest things inspire, if you give them the chance. If you have a digital camera don't leave home without it. Snapping shots of simple things that catch your eye can later become patterns for painting, scrapbook pages or a necklace, you just never know. So keep your eyes ope…
I have so many ideas and not enough time to make them all, sound familiar? Then mix in sitting around with your friends and all those ideas multiply. So I got a sketchbook and started putting all the ideas in it, before you know it the book is full and you have only made a few things. What do you do with all those ideas then? Well I decided to share them. I have 2 good friends I quilt with and a group of scrapbook friends too. We all get together as often as we can and share our ideas and experiences. 
I'll be posting my quilt patterns I've designed in the near future.